International Picnic Day

It’s International picnic day, and the weather is playing along. What a perfect day to grab a blanket, a couple of games, and some snacks to head to the park, your favorite beach - or simply your own back yard.

Picnics go hand in hand with some fun in the sun activities. From twister, to a bean bag toss - there are tons of games that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. So be sure to plan ahead. For some inspiration, check out Brit + Co’s blog on DIY outdoor games.
If you’d rather not bring along extra props, your kids will love finding shapes in the clouds, playing I spy, or 20 questions. 

Finger food is key! We at Kinderville are big fans of healthy food, but here and there, life has to be celebrated with some cake - we chose cheese cake bites. They are delicious, easy to make - and your little ones with love them!! 
(Make sure to keep them in a cooler until you’re ready to eat them).

Of course, we bring lots of healthy fruits, and veggies as well. We packed some bite-size pieces of bell pepper in the Kinderville snack pouch, used the jars for yogurt with granola and raspberries,  and filled the new food pouches with applesauce. 
Bring some half frozen water, or orange juice for a cooling drink! Easy peasy!
For more inspiration of what snacks to bring, check out Produce for Kids’ blog for Healthy Picnic-Friendly Recipes.

Here are some tips to keep away those pesky crawlers:
Put some water and sugar in a Kinderville jar and stir to dissolve; put the sugar-water about 20 feet from your picnic blanket. Bees will leave you alone and go right to the sugar water. To keep ants away spritz some Listerine on your picnic blanket before you leave the house.

Voila! You are ready for International picnic day!

Sean Clarke