Here's an Alternative to Plastic Food Pouches...

Parenting is hard! It is even harder when you are on-the-go and need to bring a million things for your kids to make sure they are entertained, fed, and happy!

One of the great solutions of the past few years to simplify this task has been the portable food pouch, filled with yoghurts, fruit purees, apple sauce, and the like… It is a perfect quick and easy snack – no mess, nutritious, and kids love them.

But there is a major downside to these food pouches. Most food pouches are non-recyclable, and end up as one of billions in landfills.

The good news?

The Kinderville® Eazy Squeezy® Refillable Food Pouch lets you have all the benefits of a portable solution, while also helping the planet! Tadaa!!

Our well-designed and engineered food pouches are without any plastic collars, caps, or couplings. Like all of our other Kinderville® items, the new food pouches are all-silicone.

And as if that’s not enough, here’s a list of some of the many other benefits of the Kinderville® Eazy Squeezy® Refillable Food Pouches:

Now, what are you waiting for? Get your Kinderville® Eazy Squeezy® Refillable Food Pouches and have your kids snacking on healthy food on-the-go, all while helping the planet! You now have Parenting Superstar status!!

Sean Clarke