Get Ready To Indulge!

Fourth of July marks the first holiday of the summer, and we are excited to celebrate with some delicious food! To beat the heat we decided to make some tasty home-made ice pops, and we have some recipes to share!

If you think that ice pops will be too messy of a treat to bring to a BBQ, think again! Kinderville’s Ice Pop Moldsare specifically designed so that the melting mess will go back into the mold instead of over your little one’s crisp holiday outfit. And - should some picky little eaters decide that they are done after eating only half of the ice pop - you can simply put the lid back on and stick it back into the cooler. Easy peasy.


Now let’s get down to business. We found two great recipes for you to try:

Chocolate Ice Pops

You will notice, that the Chocolate Ice Pop recipe calls for instant coffee. For little ones, just leave it out… But who says there can’t be an adult version =).

 Red, White, and Blue Double Berry Coconut Pops

If you want to be a bit more patriotic, try these Red, White, and Blue Double Berry Coconut Pops. They will make for a fun surprise when the ice pop is pushed out of its mold.

 Wishing you a happy 4th of July from the Kinderville Team!

Sean Clarke